Learn more about ROP and the history of rural and small town organizing in Oregon with this collection of interactive timelines!

History of LGBTQ Organizing in Rural Oregon

The Rural Organizing Project emerged out of the campaign to defeat the anti-gay Ballot Measure 9. This interactive timeline (a work in progress!) features some key moments and stories from the history of LGBTQ organizing in rural and small town Oregon from the early 1990’s to today.

ROP’s Annual Rural Caucus and Strategy Session

Since 1993, the Rural Organizing Project has organized an annual Rural Caucus & Strategy Session, bringing together human dignity leaders from across Oregon to share organizing stories from the field, learn new organizing skills, and strategize together on collective campaigns and actions. This timeline explores ROP’s Caucuses from 2003 – 2013.

Caucus Timeline Page 1

 Caucus Timeline Updated Color for PDF

20 Years of the Rural Organizing Project

Download the Full Timeline as a PDF.