The People

Rural Organizing Voices has been a collective labor of love. We would like to acknowledge:

Project Founder & Coordinator

Sarah K. Loose Sarah K. Looseis a popular educator, community organizer and oral historian who has lived in Oregon since 2004. She organized in the field with the Rural Organizing Project from 2008-2010. She first fell in love with the power and practice of oral history when facilitating a participatory oral history project with rural popular educators in Santa Marta, El Salvador. Originally from Minnesota, for the past ten years Sarah has been romping around the woods, coasts and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, interviewing and organizing for economic, racial and environmental justice alongside rural progressives, immigrants, people of faith and low-income workers. She is the founder and co-coordinator of the Groundswell: Oral History for Social Change network. Sarah has a B.A. in History from Yale University and a Masters in Oral History from Columbia University.


Project Interviewers

  • Amanda Aguilar Shank
  • Jessica Campbell
  • Catherine Diaz
  • Mutasin Farah
  • Meg Heaton
  • Joan Lockwood
  • Sarah Loose
  • Louise Rickard
  • Cara Shufelt
  • Ryan White
  • Pat Young

Project Collaborators

  • Jerry Atkin
  • Margi Clarke
  • Gary Delgado
  • Amy Dudley
  • Mike Edera
  • Eleyna Fugman
  • Emily Goldfarb
  • Andy Kiyuna
  • Larry Kleinman
  • Alan Loose
  • David Osborne
  • Stephen Osserman
  • Kevin Parsons
  • Sandy Polishuk
  • Bernadette Sebaly
  • Arlene Stein
  • Julia Stoops
  • Nikki Thanos
  • Erin Yanke

Project Funders & Partners

  • Atlantic Philanthropies
  • B-Media Collective
  • Northwest History Network
  • Open Society Institute
  • The Pride Foundation
  • Softbox Films
  • Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program
  • University of Oregon, Special Collections & University Archives