Kathy Paterno – My first Caucus

When the initial leaders of Crook County’s Human Dignity Advocates left town, they asked Kathy and her husband Phil to attend the ROP Caucus in their place. Here, Kathy describes how they were received by ROP staff organizers – and the critical things she learned there.

Kathy Paterno – The community response

What you see is not always what you get. The response of Kathy’s colleagues and family to her 2006 arrest for sitting-in at Greg Walden’s office in protest of his support of the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.

Kathy Paterno – Our sit-in

What’s the story? An inside perspective on the hard (and humorous!) decisions that 7 grandmothers from Central Oregon had to make when they chose to sit-in at the office of US Senator Greg Walden to protest his support of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and demand his accountability.