Amy Dudley

Counties: Multnomah, Columbia
Role: ROP Field Organizer (2004-2008); ROP Co-Director (2008-2010)
Interviewers: Mutasin Farah, Sarah K. Loose
Interviews: Session #1 05.12.2012, Session #2 09.12.2013 (with Cara Shufelt), Session #3 09.21.2013 (with Cara Shufelt)

Amy Dudley – Finding common ground

How small-town leaders overcame their fear of talking to their neighbors about politics – and what they actually found when they started having those door-to-door conversations.

Amy Dudley – Push-pull

Why Klamath County human dignity leaders gave ROP staff organizers Cara Shufelt and Marcy Westerling a whip, with love. What genuine relationships allow to happen.