Marcy Westerling – Catalyzing Human Dignity Groups

From 0 to 20 in 9 months. Marcy explains the process by which she helped support and catalyze the formation of 20 rural and small town Human Dignity Groups in the lead up to the 1992 elections which, in Oregon, asked voters to decide whether “homosexuality” should be declared “abnormal and perverse” – and unconstitutional.

Dave Toler – What people power can do

In 1996 Illinois Valley residents came together in an unprecedented campaign to stop a prison from being built in their community. Here campaign leader Dave Toler recounts the story of unlikely allies coming together to turn the tide.

Elli Work – A phone call to Marcy

Part of ROP’s approach to leadership development is providing emotional support and helping local leaders to re-frame challenging experiences or problems. Throughout the 1990s, Elli Work served as Executive Director for Deschutes County Coalition for Human Dignity, an ROP member group. In this clip, Elli recalls a call she made to ROP director, Marcy Westerling, during a particularly difficult moment.

Linda Stahl – My letter to the editor

In 2000, the Oregon Citizens Alliance sponsored the anti-gay Ballot Measure 9: “Prohibits Public School Instruction Encouraging, Promoting, Sanctioning Homosexual, Bisexual Behaviors.” Local human dignity leader (and parent of a gay son), Linda Stahl, was fed up.  Here she tells the story of what she did next – and her neighbors’ surprising reactions.

Jerry Atkin – Missed opportunities

It’s not enough to plan a great event. Organizing requires follow-up and follow-through. Jerry reflects on two missed opportunities he witnessed while living in Tillamook County – and what ROP organizers, had they been involved, might have done differently.